I'm a librarian in a public library.  Part of my job is to have a broad knowledge of movies, books, and music to recommend for every patron interest.  This works for me and my eclectic reading tastes.  

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thoughts on art

Relieving stress

Thoughts on Books & movies, 

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Christine Sharbrough

random thoughts of a librarian mama

I love to draw, paint, tangle, and try new art supplies.  I am a huge fan of Joanne Fink, Joanne Sharpe, and Suzanne McNeill.  As an art history major, I learned a love of Christian iconography as well as an insatiable curiosity about religion...

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As a mom to three small kids and two adult children, relieving stress has become a lifelong pursuit!  I'm sure other mama's can relate.  No matter how old the kids are, the worry doesn't go away.  Here are some of my favorite things to relieve stress.


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I'm a woman with varied interests, a refusal to specialize, and a determination to experience all life has to offer.

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